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Deon De Villiers travelling in Africa
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Can you imagine the pleasure of watching your child's focus and mind being utterly absorbed and genuinely enriched by a professional African safari guide? A guide which grew up on the lands, and tended cattle from morning to night, and even recognised his entire herd by the distinctive patterns their hooves made in the sand; a skill which will significantly benefit him throughout his future safari years! He possibly fended off wild animals from marauding his family crops, or even trying to kill the very bovine wealth he was ultimately responsible for protecting.

An individual who only became a man through rituals passed down through ancient culture, yet often frowned upon by the western world. An individual who doesn’t fuss over menu plans on a daily basis, as he is quite content with the “food from the land” which makes up his nations staple diet. He possibly even survived purely through subsistence poaching of bush meat, then saw the light to swing over to conservation and hospitality driven initiatives such as guiding.

Family children on safari with a staff member Seba Camp Botswana

Imagine your child eagerly asking questions about the guides youth, uncovering and drilling into the stories of an unimaginable childhood? Getting an understanding of what it would have been like to grow in a world without water on tap, or shopping malls selling every bling and thing available to mankind. The joy of your child learning games which require no batteries and have no colourful buttons; instead sticks, stones and probably even bones?

Imagine your offspring inquisitively uncovering stories of an embattled childhood, where friends were often lost to disease and famine, and possibly even animal attack or factional fighting?

Family children doing bushwalking with Bushman activity Kalahari Plains Botswana

Imagine this wealth of cultural learning and entertainment packed into one single holiday, where soul enriching and spiritual and mind enlightening experiences were around every corner?

Sometimes the unimaginable is more accessible than you think, and only requires a slight shift of mind and pace from today's device-hungry society. Why not allow yourself and your family the ultimate digital detox and indulge in some sobering disconnection from technology, while allowing your progeny to physically explore, develop and mature into more knowledgeable and understanding human beings, through real-life experiences?

Why not visit the vast continent of Africa, where some of the Worlds last remaining black holes of connectivity are themselves slowly at risk of becoming extinct?

Unplugged holidays (while they still exist) with no internet or phones should be considered the ultimate luxury, and the only actual connection on this holiday, is the one with your family!

**"nomophobia” (popular term for no-mobile-phone phobia)

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Alex Murphy Blog Subscriber
GURU Frequent Traveller

Well said Deon, that black hole of "no comms" is totally rejuvenating

Deon De Villiers Safari Guru Founder
Deon De Villiers

Absolutely, and I think it's even more critical for our children's wellbeing.


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